About Beth Sholom Synagogue

Founded: 1947

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Rabbi: Aaron Flanzraich

Cantor: Eric Moses

Our core belief is that while most Jews think of a synagogue as a Beit Tefilah – a house of prayer, a synagogue is also a Beit Midrash – a house of learning, and maybe most importantly, a Beit Knesset – a house of gathering.  We are a place to pray, a place to learn and a place to meet.  For over one thousand families, Beth Sholom is a place we have called home for more than seventy one years.  We invite you to experience our signature Shabbat Beth Sholom service; a service where Saturday turns into Shabbat, where the old turns into the new and the new into the holy.  

Beth Sholom is renowned as a stimulating and provocative Jewish environment. Our numerous programs and family activities cater to a wide spectrum and extend beyond our membership.  Adult education, music, chai society, b’nai mitzvah and youth programs form the cornerstone of our efforts to stimulate our community.  

The sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass windows provides a warm, traditional and meaningful place to daven on Shabbat and holidays.  Our facilities offer many options for simchas and special occasions.  In times of need you will find comfort, consolation and understanding.  

For our programs and activities, as well as further information about joining Beth Sholom call (416) 783-6103, visit our website at www.bethsholom.net or email Barbara@bethsholom.net

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Beth Sholom Synagogue

1445 Eglinton Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario M6C 3E6

(416) 783-6103 | www.bethsholom.net

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