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20 dedicated Torontonians are covering the cost of this experience and heading to Israel to ‘feel' what it’s like to be a soldier in the coveted IDF. For 4 days and 4 nights, we will be living the life of an Israeli soldier. We will train as combatants, be treated as soldiers, live in tents, eat rations and be subjected to the final test before entering into combat service. We are doing this in support of Israel’s premier wounded warrior program called Brothers for Life and the Out of the Cold homeless project at Beth Sholom Synagogue. Wounded combat soldiers are in desperate need of support for rehabilitation, treatment, support and scholarships to return them to civilian life. They stand on the line to protect the homeland of the Jewish people and we can help them. The Out of the Cold project houses and feeds hundreds of homeless Torontonians every week during the winter months. These people are among are the most vulnerable and needy in our society. The cost to run this program is immense.

Our goal is $500,000

Why do I need YOU to donate?

Over four days and nights we will subject ourselves to the training and routines of an Israeli soldier. I will do the intense training to accomplish this, but I need YOU to be along my side for the journey. We are asking you to help us raise money for wounded veterans from Brothers for Life and support the Out of the Cold Homeless project. With YOUR support and my sweat, I know WE CAN make this happen!  Please help this small but mighty team of courageous men to raise the funds to support these profoundly important programs.


Help me reach my goal!


GOAL: $15,000

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Thank you to all our donors for their support!

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